Buyer: How do I create and manage Brand Names, Brand Codes, and Divisions for my clients?

Within Client Management, buyers are able to match and manage Brand Names along with their respective billing system Brand Codes and/or Divisions for each client in the agency's portfolio.

How do I manage Brand Names and Brand Codes for my clients?
For a walk through on creating and managing brand names and codes, click here!

In order to manage brand names and brand codes, you must access the Client Management portion of DOmedia.  To access client management, visit DOmedia's homepage and click on 'My Account' in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

From the My Account section, click 'Client Management'.

Brand names and their respective brand codes can be added and modified on the Edit Client & Brands page for each client.

On the Edit Client & Brands page, you have the ability to add new and edit existing brand names along with brand codes.  In addition, individual brand names and related brand codes can be disabled if they are no longer active.

Note: Disabled brand names will be removed from certain sections of DOmedia, such as Campaign Management. 

After adding, editing, or disabling any brand names and brand codes, click 'Save' to put these changes into effect.

How do I manage Divisions for my clients?
For a walk through on creating divisions, click here!
For a walk through on managing divisions, click here!

After creating your clients with their respective brands, you have the ability to associate Divisions if needed for your billing system.

To do so, navigate to Client Management and click on 'Divisions' next to the desired client.

From the resulting page, you are able to create a new division for that client, or view, edit, and delete existing divisions for the chosen client.

To create a new division for that client, click on 'Create New Division' in the upper right-hand corner.

You will then be able to enter the Division name and Division Code per your billing system.  You will also need to select the brands of the client that you wish to apply this division to.

If the brand you want to apply the division to does not yet exist for the client, you have the ability to create the brand on the fly by clicking 'Create Brand'.

In addition, you are able to disable a brand on the fly from this page by clicking 'Disable Brand'.

Once you have entered the Division name and Division Code, as well as selected the relevant brands, you can click 'Save' to create the new division in DO!  Now, when you create a contract and select a Campaign, Division will automatically fill based on the client and brand that the campaign is associated with.

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