Buyer: What actions are available from the read-only view of a contract?

Many actions can be taken on a contract from the read-only view of the contract; some of which can only be accessed from that view. To start, hover over the 'Contract' tab in the white navigation bar at the top of DOmedia's homepage and click 'Contract Dashboard' in the drop-down.

From there you can select the Contract that you wish to view by clicking 'View' in the right-hand Action column.

You will be taken to the Contract view page. Here you can navigate all of the different information included within the contract.

  • MapView the inventory included in the contract on a map.
  • Request Production Specifications - This action will allow you to contact the media seller and request production specifications.
  • Edit ContractThis action is available for contracts with the status 'Draft' and allows you to make changes to a contract that has not yet been submitted or issued.
  • Revise Contract - This action is available for contracts that have been submitted or issued and allows you to make any necessary edits.
  • Delete ContractA contract can be deleted when it is still in the 'Draft' state.  This action is typically used when the buyer no longer needs a contract that they created.
  • Submit Contract for Approval - Only certain users have the permission allowing them to approve and issue contracts.  Therefore, often times, users will need to submit the contract they are working on for approval from either the supervisor chosen for a particular client or the user's manager, prior to it being issued.
  • Approve Contract - This action is available to users with the appropriate permissions if the contract or contract with revisions has been submitted, but not yet approved.
  • Issue Contract - This action is available to users with the appropriate permissions if the contract or contract with revisions has been approved, but not yet issued.
  • Cancel Contract - A contract that has been submitted or issued is generally cancelled when the buyer no longer has the need for the assets once being contracted, often due to a change on the client's side.  When a contract is cancelled, an email notification is sent to the seller.
  • Export Contract - This action consolidates all of the contract information, agency and seller contact details, your selected contract terms, any attachments, and the data related to inventory on the contract.  A PDF version of the contract is then downloaded and displays everything in its real format.  Therefore, once you have made any necessary updates to the contract, this exported version is the official contract that can be used to complete the buy.

Upload Completion Photos - This allows you to store completion photos and display them on maps without having to issue posting instructions via DOmedia.  You will not have to wait for the vendor to upload the photos anymore, as long as you have the photos, you can upload them while viewing the contract.  In addition, when mapping from a contract, these photos will also appear for the related assets.

  • Download - This action downloads previous versions of a contract.

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