Buyer: How do I revise an existing RFP?

Once you have created a project brief, you can make changes and updates to a RFP at any time. You would revise an existing RFP when there have been changes made to your plan that need to be shared with vendors.

Note: The ability to revise a project brief will only exist for RFPs with an 'Out for Bid' status.

To revise a RFP - 
1) Navigate to your RFP Dashboard by hovering over the 'RFP' tab in the white navigation bar at the top of DOmedia's homepage and click 'RFP Dashboard'.

2) Identify the RFP that you'd like to edit
3) Click 'Revise' under the Action column for the desired RFP

You will be taken to the project brief form associated with that RFP. You can make edits to any/all fields on your original project brief. Once you’ve completed your modifications, click ‘Revise’.

You will then be asked to confirm that you’d like to revise the RFP by checking the box, ‘I have read and understand the implications above'.  Once you have confirmed that, click 'Revise'.

When you click ‘revise’, you and all participating vendors of the RFP will be notified via email (see example below) that the RFP has been revised, and that they can view the revised
 version in their DOmedia RFP Dashboard.

NOTE: In order to notify non-participating vendors of the RFP, locate the email receipt that you received about your revision, remove the original list of recipients, and forward the notification to any non-participating vendor(s).

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