Buyer: How to factor client costs?

Adding the Client Cost default at the Company Level:

Begin by clicking "Account" then "Company Information" on the left-hand side menu. 


  • In the Optional Information section, you’ll see the Client Cost Info area. 
  • You can set a default of either Markup or Margin that will apply to all clients.
  • You can set a default Client Cost % that will apply to all clients.


Managing the client cost default at the Client Level: 

Begin by clicking "Settings" then "Clients".


Once you’ve selected a client, click the Edit button.



Once on the edit screen, set the Agency Fee % to the client default %. You can also set Markup/Margin defaults for individual clients. You can also indicate whether the system should calculate Totals or calculate % within the RFP. This will control which columns are enabled for data entry.


Adjusting the client cost for a specific RFP: 

When a client is set to calculate percent, you can enter a value into Client Media Cost / Cycle or Client Installation Cost Per Posting, and the percentages will be calculated on Save.


 When a client is set to calculate the total, you can enter a value into Media Agency % or Installation Agency %.



Special Note: 

The RFP template MUST include the appropriate Client and agency costs for the media calculations to be done.  The calculations use Net Media Cost/Cycle, which is always on an RFP template.

Production costs are typically handled by a separate team in a separate workflow: Workflow Overview

This spreadsheet has column-by-column details about client cost calculations in DOmedia: DOmedia RFP Client & Production Calculations

Client Costs are put onto contracts during contract creation. This spreadsheet shows how the data point moves from RFP to contracts: DOmedia Client Costs Data Flow