Buyer: How do I adjust the Street View image?

In the event that a vendor hasn't supplied an image for a particular inventory item, a default Street View image is displayed. This Street View image will appear as the thumbnail image in maps, photo sheets, and the PowerPoint export. Since the Street View image may not always be accurate, we give you the ability to adjust it and take a Snapshot of this new location in Street View. This snapshot will become the thumbnail that is used in all of those locations mentioned earlier.

Note: Snapshotting street view is unavailable whenever a proposed unit cannot be found in the vendor's DOmedia inventory (our system only supports street view on assets in the system). This is because, without that piece of inventory, there is nowhere to save and store the street view snapshot. Vendors are able to update their inventory at any time for free though if it's something you want to request from them.

Adjusting and Snapshotting Street View:

Start by clicking on "Map," then "Maps" in the left-hand menu.

Click on "Map" under "Action" for your desired map.

A map will appear, displaying your inventory. Click on a unit within the map to open an additional details box for that asset. This box includes a Street View link. Click on "Street View."

Next, adjust the Street View to the desired location and click "Snapshot this location." This snapshot will then replace the original Street View image anywhere it appears in the system for your agency.

You can delete or readjust the snapshot at any time by navigating back into Street View from the asset details pop-up or from the Locations table at the bottom of the map.

Lock Icon Status:

Locked: Snapshot is attached.

Unlocked: No snapshot is attached.

Unlocking means no snapshot is connected. When you click an unlocked icon, it takes you to Street View, but if you don't take a snapshot, it stays unlocked. Deleting a snapshot automatically unlocks it.

Clicking a pin, selecting "Street view," and taking a snapshot switches the icon from unlocked to locked.