Buyer: What is and how do I use Contract Source Code Management?

What is Contract Source Code Management? Contract Source Code Management is DOmedia's interface for maintaining a billing system's source codes that allow for successful contract uploads to a billing system. 

How do I use Contract Source Code Management? Note: To have a Contract Source Code added, edited, or removed, you will want to coordinate those changes with our DOmedia support team (

To access your Contract Source Codes, please click on Settings in the navigation menu and then on Source Codes.

On the Contract Source Codes page, there are several actions you can take:

Search - enter keywords to find a specific source code.

View - allows users to see a read-only view of a source code, its file path, and its format.

Edit - updates the specifics related to that source code.

Show entries - select a number of rows (10, 25, 50, All) to display on the current page.

Export to CSV - allows users to export a .CSV file (will open as a Microsoft Excel file) that lists all source codes along with their associated file paths and formats.

Sort - click on any of the headers, except Action, to sort the columns in order to quickly find a specific source code.

Create New Contract Source Code: Click this to add the details related to a new source code.