Buyer: What is and how do I use Contract Format Code Management?

What is the Format Code Dashboard?

The Format Code dashboard is DOmedia's interface for maintaining and matching out-of-home formats/inventory types with their respective billing system format codes. 

To access the Format Code dashboard, begin by selecting Settings then Format Codes.

There are several actions you can take from the dashboard:

Export to CSV: Allows users to export a . CSV file (will open as a Microsoft Excel file) that lists all format code names, format codes, descriptions, cost codes, and format type combinations.

Search: Enter keywords to find a specific format code.

Show entries: Select a number of rows (10, 25, 50, 100) to display on the current page.

Sort: Click on any of the headers, except Action, to sort the columns in order to quickly find a specific format code.

View: Allows users to see a read-only picture of a format code, its name, and its description.

Edit: Allows users to make changes to any of the format code fields.

Delete: Allows users to remove a format code from the system. Deleted format codes will no longer appear as an option to be selected on the Create Contract page.

Create New Contract Format Code: Allows users to create a new contract format code that ties to a billing system format code. You'll need to name the format code and provide the actual format code. You can also enter a format code description and cost code, and choose a format type from the drop-down menu. Once you have filled in each field, click Save and that format code will now appear as an option to be selected on the Create Contract page.