What is an Icon? How do I create a new icon?

What is an Icon?

An icon is an image that appears for a specific location on a map. You can customize the icon associated with Target Location Lists so that they visually represent the type of location. For example, you can upload your client's logo, so that each time a Target Location is added to a map, it will be pinned with the client logo. Target Location Lists can also be used to list other types of locations that may be relevant to a particular client, such as competitor locations.

How do I create a new Icon?

Click "Map" then "Icons" on the left-hand side menu.

From here, click on "Create New Icon" at the top.

Name your Icon and select a client (optional).

Browse to select an image file from your computer. Use the Editor to resize and reposition using the scroll bar at the bottom of the image and by dragging. You can also use the Rotate Left and Rotate Right buttons if needed. Click "Save" when you are finished cropping your image.

Your newly created custom icon will be stored in your Icon Dashboard. This dashboard allows you to access and manage all your custom icons. From here, you can make further edits or delete icons as needed.

How do I add an Icon to a Target Location List?

Click "Map" then "Target Locations" on the left-hand side menu.

Here, you can click "Create New List Manually" to create a new list or "Edit" under a previously made list.

Under "Icon for this list" use the dropdown to select one of your created icons.