Buyer: How do I review More Options from DOmedia Marketplace?

Vendors see a "Nudge Dashboard," which gives them the ability to view and propose to any RFP where the criteria matches their inventory but they are not already included. Sellers will see a redacted version of the RFP where no agency or client information is exposed.  

If any of those vendors choose to submit, you can find those proposals under "More Options" on the site and add them to your RFP at any time.  When the units are contracted, they will all be added to one contract with "DOmedia Marketplace" as the vendor.  Please note: there is a fee on the contracted amount of any options you choose through this Nudge feature and the DOmedia Marketplace.

You can access More Options by clicking on the RFP name or the "Compile" button from your RFP Dashboard (RFP > RFPs).  *Please note: More Options will only appear if their are Nudge proposals available.

When you click on the RFP Name, you will see a tab for "More Options" that you can click to view those proposals.

When you click on the "Compile" button, you will see a "More Options" button above the grid that you can click to view those proposals.

From "More Options," you will see proposals from "DOmedia Marketplace" listed. View those and, when ready, unlock the grid to make your selections. If you would like to consider a proposed unit further or prepare to contract it, change the desired lines to "In." 

Once you have completed your review, click "ADD 'INS' to RFP."

Any units added to your RFP will be removed from the "More Options" view. Once you are ready, a single contract to DOmedia Marketplace can be created through your normal process using the "Create Contracts" tool.