Buyer: Posting Instructions One Sheet

Trafficking  Everything trafficking-related can be found under the Traffic menu:

Creating Posting Instructions:

Posting Instructions can be created on a contract or campaign-level basis.

Create multiple posting instructions at once:

There are various places throughout the site to create multiple posting instructions at once. However, the fastest way is to click Create Post Instructions under the Traffic menu. 

Once clicked, you will need to select the desired campaign and then click Next.

From the following page, you are able to see the contracts associated with the selected campaign. Select (using the checkboxes on the left) the contracts for which you'd like to create posting instructions.  Click Next to continue.

From the last step, you can select your internal contacts as well as add standard PI terms and attachments to your posting instructions. Once completed, click Create Posting Instructions.

Once created all posting instructions can be found in your Traffic > Post Instructions Dashboard and will need to be edited and issued.

Editing and Issuing Posting Instructions:

From the Traffic Post Instructions Dashboard, you can click Edit on each posting instruction to add design images and issue the instructions to the vendors.

There is an Inventory Summary Table. This is where details are tracked. The columns include the following. Bold indicates only the buyer can edit.

  • POP Accepted Date:
  • Proof of Install Photo:
  • POI Date:
  • Completion Photo:
  • Completion Date:
  • Completion Report:
  • Design Name:
  • Design Image:
  • Inventory #: (prefills)
  • Market: (prefills)
  • Location Description: (prefills)
  • Format: (prefills)
  • Size: (prefills)
  • Start Date: (prefills and is editable)
  • End Date: (prefills and is editable)
  • Actual Post:
  • Actual Take Down:
  • Shipping Address:
  • # of Units: (prefills)
  • # of Units Shipped: (prefills)
  • # of Slots:
  • Impressions per Cycle: (prefills)
  • Materials Type: (prefills)

Once you've completed the posting instructions, click 'Save and Review'. Next, click Issue Posting Instruction in the upper right corner.  This will trigger an email notification to the seller prompting further action.