Seller: Bulk Image Association

Before you'll be able to associate your images to your inventory using our Image Association tool, you will need to download a spreadsheet of the filenames for the images in your Image Gallery.  To do so, select Image Gallery page and click 'Download Filenames'.

The download will look similar to the example shown below.

Next, to associate images with your inventory, click on 'Image Association' in the bar located near the top of the Image Gallery page. From the Image Association page, you will first want to click 'Download' to download a spreadsheet of your assets.

The download will look similar to the example shown below.

Once you have the asset image association file open in Excel or another spreadsheet application, you can reference the image gallery filenames spreadsheet you downloaded earlier and enter the appropriate image filename next to the related inventory number.  

Once you have image filenames added for your inventory, your spreadsheet should look similar to the example shown below.

Note: You can update as few or as many images as you'd like.

You can now navigate back to the Image Association page, choose that file, and click 'Upload' to associate those images with assets in DO.

Note: To change or remove an image that is associated with an asset, download the Image Association file again, and paste the new image filename over the existing image filename, or delete the existing filename altogether.  Once you have made the needed changes, just choose the file and upload it on the Image Association page! A green message will always let you know the status of your changes (how many associated, skipped, or failed) for the Image Association Spreadsheet you submitted.