Seller-What is Board Association? How do I use Board Association?

What Is Board Association?

Board Association is a tool for you to associate all the slots for a particular digital board together under a base inventory #. You get the best of both worlds. Granularity at the slot level when needed and inventory #'s when buffering your client from complexity. This allows you to search and propose a digital board without having to specify a slot.  By storing each slot as an asset, you can use our "availability search".   For example, if You propose inventory # "11a" and the client moves to contract, the system will automatically select which slot for you based on availability.

How do I use Board Association?

Begin by selecting Plan then Board Association on the left-hand side menu. 

DOmedia will show which slots are associated with each digital board. If you do not see any, then select Associate Assets. If you're a Geopath member the system will automatically detect the pattern in the inventory #'s for each slot and properly associate the slots. If the system doesn't detect a pattern you can reach out to for assistance.

The results show your digital boards that have been associated.

Inventory Search

To show how this will be reflected in your Inventory Search.  Hover over Media Profiles and select Inventory Search.  Display Inventory by Vendor Inventory #. The advertising Category can be anything digital.

Tip: When you select a category that is digital, a box will appear under the availability section called "# of Slots Available/Proposed". You can fill in the # of slots you are searching for in DOmedia. This will have the system search your digital inventory for 4 slots that are available.

This will show you which Vendor Inventory # is available for the dates you have selected in your search.  

Tip: In proposal and contracts, the system will automatically select slots that are available for you.

Example: If 11a1 was free only to 7/12/20 then the media would stay on 11a1 till 7/12/20 then move to the next available Vendor Inventory #.  In this example it would move to 11a2 on 7/13/20.