Buyer: Proprietary Media

How to Use Proprietary Media

Agencies may choose to manage their proprietary media in DOmedia.


Clients must opt-in to use proprietary media. You can do this by navigating to "Settings" and then clicking "Clients" on the left-hand side menu.

When creating or editing a client, you can make these selections under the "Proprietary Media" section.

The "Opt In" checkbox should be selected if the client wants the option to purchase proprietary media. A separate client code and footer should be entered for these clients. The footer appears in buyer RFP downloads.

For Opt-In clients, 5 columns should be included on any RFP issued on their behalf.

After proposals have been submitted, these columns will support proprietary media decisions.

Main Vendor can be chosen to be the vendor who submitted the proposal or the Proprietary Media team.

Actual Vendor is always the vendor who owns the media.

Proprietary Media Net Media Cost/Cycle is the user-entered price for the proprietary media.

Net Campaign Media cost with Proprietary Media is the Proprietary Media Net Media Cost/Cycle * # of Cycles. 

Proprietary Media Value is Net Campaign Media Cost minus Net Campaign Media cost with Proprietary Media.


After receiving proposal(s), the Compile All grid will appear like this:

Notice the Proprietary Media fields are shaded and not editable. Users who issue RFPs must also send the RFP to the Proprietary Media team for review. This will trigger an email to the proprietary media team.

When a member of the Proprietary Media team wants to view the RFP, they will need to look for the RFP in their Shared Active Dashboard. There, they can decide if a row in the RFP can better serve their client with Proprietary Media. If Proprietary Media is to be used, the "Main Vendor" should be changed to "Proprietary Media."

Then, the "Proprietary Media Net Media Cost/Cycle" should be entered.


When all proprietary media costs have been entered, the team member should approve the entered data.

At this time an email will be sent to the person who created the RFP.

When the RFP planning process is complete, contracts can be created.  RFP rows with a Proprietary Media Net Media Cost/Cycle greater than zero will be excluded from proposal-based contracting.

Proprietary Media needs to be sent to the vendor on a separate, proprietary media-based contract.

Media with "Proprietary Media Net Media Cost/Cycle" greater than zero will be pulled into contracts of this type. Creating this contract brings up a second screen for the user to enter the buy cost of the media. This is the pre-negotiated price for the proprietary media.


The buy cost is migrated to the "Net Media Cost" column on the contract. The selling cost becomes cost2. The contracting process moves forward normally once the contract is created.