Buyer: Printer Product List Management

Our system allows you to customize which Circle Graphics products appear in the dropdown list. This feature is designed to tackle the inconvenience of navigating through a lengthy list of items.

Begin by clicking on 'Settings,' then 'Printer Products' on the left-hand side.

You will see a list of available Circle Graphics products. In the 'Enabled' column, it will either list 'True' if the product is enabled or 'False' if it is disabled.

Enable a Product: If you want a product to be visible and selectable in the printer orders dropdown list, click on 'Enable' under the 'Action' column.

Disable a Product: If you prefer to remove a product from the dropdown list, simply click on 'Disable' under the 'Action' column.

When you click 'Enable' or 'Disable', you will see a success message as shown below.