Buyer: Different types of contracts

When creating a contract, there are several options that are able to be used as the basis for where your contract data can originate from. 

Proposal-based Contract If you have sent an RFP and received a vendor proposal via DOmedia, you would want to create a Proposal-based Contract, in order to avoid reentering data that is already stored in the system.

Select an RFP, and then choose a proposal from a specific vendor.

RFP-based Contract If you have sent an RFP via DOmedia, but have not yet received a proposal from a vendor, you will want to create an RFP-based contract. Use the drop-down menus to select the RFP (required) that you would like to pull data from and the Media Seller (required) from whom you want to contract.

Select an RFP and choose a vendor that's associated with that RFP.

Campaign-based Contract If you need to create a contract, but both the RFP and vendor proposal were sent and received outside of DOmedia, you would want to select Campaign-based for Contract Type. Next, you can use the drop-down menus to select the Campaign (required), Media Seller (required), and Market (if needed). In order to create a Campaign-based contract, you must have either previously created a campaign using Campaign Management or you will need to click on Add a Campaign to create one.

Multiple Proposal-based If you've sent an RFP and received proposals from multiple vendors that you'd like to move forward with, the Multiple Proposal-based options will pull in all of the data from each proposal and create separate contracts for each vendor.

Once you have chosen the contract type and made the appropriate selections, click Next to proceed to the next step of creating a contract.