How do I add Proof of Performance (POP) images to a contract?

How do I add POP images to a contract?

First, you can access your contract dashboard by clicking Buy then Contracts on the left hand side menu in DOmedia:

Once you've identified the contract you'd like to add POP images for, you can click view for that contract:

From the view contract page, you can scroll to the Billing Addendum section of the contract select the month of insertion and unit that you'd like to add POP images for, and click the Upload Completion Photo button:

That will give you the ability to upload a close-up and approach photo and provide the dates that each photo was taken. Once you've selected those photos and provided dates, click Upload Completion Photos:

You'll now be able to see the thumbnail version of those POP images directly in your contracts:

Those POP images will now also show up in mapping and in POP exports!