Seller: How to Standardize RFP Data


We are excited to offer a tool to both buyers and sellers that will revolutionize the RFP process.

By using DOmedia's 1,000+ standardization suggestions, this feature allows you to clean up data to eliminate validation errors, saving you time when it comes to some of the most common changes that users make to their RFP Compile Grids, such as drag-to-fill, filtering, and matching contracting codes, acting as a batch find and replace tool.

This Data Standardization feature addresses things like:

  • abbreviations
  • better formatting for markets and states
  • common typos
  • capitalization
  • standardizing to items in dropdowns
  • adjusting sizes to be Height x Width
  • hidden spaces before and after the data

How it works:

Above the Proposal grid click "Standadrize Data"

A pop-up will appear with all the suggested changes. These changes are listed in order of highest to lowest of how many occurrences (number of times) they appear in the grid. Rules can exist for DOmedia structured columns as well as custom columns. 

  • All changes are selected by default.
  • You can choose to not apply a given rule by deselecting the checkbox for that rule.

Click Confirm Changes then be sure to save your grid.

Help everyone in the industry:

Would you like to recommend a rule? Would you like to see a list of all the rules? Simply email our support team.