Seller: Why can't I edit my proposal?

Buyers and Sellers can both edit proposals - but not at the same time.

It is easy to see who has edit privileges at any time by looking at the Current Status image above the compile grid. You can edit your proposal if the buyer has set you (and the other sellers on the RFP) with editing capabilities, meaning it is Seller Editable.

During the time you are able to edit, the buyer cannot make any changes to your proposal. You can save as many times as you need. Your edits are shared with the buyer in real-time. 

You cannot edit the proposal if the buyer has editing capabilities, meaning it is Buyer Editable. Please notify the buyer if you need editing privileges. 

There are two (2) possible edit status' for RFPs:

The RFP is unlocked - it is  Seller Editable.

The RFP is locked - it is Buyer Editable.

Can I change the edit status? No, only buyers can change the edit status of the compile grid. If you need to edit a proposal and the status is Buyer Editable, you can message the buyer through the RFP messaging tool and request edit privileges.