Seller: What information is needed for my account?

To register for a DOmedia account, visit the DOmedia homepage and click 'Register' in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Clicking this will take you to a new page where you can enter all of the required information explained below.

What information will I need to register for an account?

DOmedia will ask for basic information when you register for an account, such as company contact name, email address, and password for login; company name, phone number, and website URL; account type (Media Seller); inventory item information like title, category type, category, venue type, and venue; as well as to accept our Terms of Service.

What additional information would be helpful?

Additional information can be provided for the company contact, including title and phone number.  The company profile can also be updated to include a description, logo, physical and billing addresses, and industry affiliations. For information on adding a description on your company profile, click here!

You can access your company profile by logging into your account and going to the Account tab and selecting the various menus.

What information is needed to set up media profiles?

The following information may be needed when creating media profiles tied to your company's account:

  • Logo (high res jpeg), digital screen Images (high res jpeg), and Sample Loop Videos
  • Media Kit PDFs
  • Art / Production specifications
  • Rate Card
  • Audience Demographics
  • Impressions Numbers
  • Sample Advertising Proposal you've used in the past, case studies, or anything else an advertiser would like to reference!

Locations, Pricing, Impressions, and other sensitive inventory data is only accessible by validated Agencies and Advertisers. This data is not viewable by the public or your competitors. You can see this by performing free searches on our website. Note: All of the above bullets are not required. Your DOmedia profiles are meant to entice an advertiser/agency, so the more data you provide up front, the higher your chances of success!