Seller: How to Search My Inventory with a Target Location List

DOmedia's Inventory Search tools will allow users to create a Target Location List , and search their company's inventory based on created lists.

Note: To use a Target Location List in an Inventory Search, the list much contain at least one radius in line with a target location.

How to Search using a Target Location List:

Within the 'Plan' drop-down, click 'Search'

Under the 'Geography' header, select 'Target Location List' and select the appropriate list(s).

Note: Only lists that contain at least one radius in line with a target location will be available to be selected.

If the Target Location List has not yet been created, click the blue 'Add Target Location List' link to build the new list.

Give the list a name, and enter all relevant target location data. (The minimum data required to search is a location name, valid address OR valid latitude / longitude, and a radius)

After clicking 'Save' be sure to refresh the page so the system will recognize the new list.

Once the list(s) is selected, select the desired media categories / products

If your company uses DOmedia to track availability, desired start and end dates may be entered as filters, as well as the inventory availability state(s).

Once all filters have been set, click 'Search'. DOmedia will return all inventory that falls within the radii entered in the Target Location List.