Seller: How to Navigate My RFP Dashboard

When a vendor receives an RFP, all requests are placed in the RFP Dashboard, which can be accessed via the RFP email notification and in the RFP menu within your DOmedia account.

RFP Dashboard Columns

1. RFP #: All RFPs have a unique ID to reference with the agency

2. RFP Name: All RFPs have a display name that can be referenced with the agency

3. Agency: Name of the issuing agency

4. Campaign: Campaign name

5. Client: Client name

6. Editable By: Either 'Seller' or 'Buyer' will display.

Seller: The inventory grid on Step 2 of the RFP is fully editable by the vendor

Buyer: The inventory grid on Step 2 is read-only and can only be edited by the agency

Note: The agency has control over who may edit the grid. If the grid is editable by the buyer, you may click 'Let Me Edit' above the grid on Step 2.7. MSG: This is the DOmedia message thread. You may send and receive messages from the buyers associated with the RFP. 

8. Unread: Shows the number of unread messages in your RFP message thread

9. Status: Shows the stage of the RFP. Common statuses include: New, Viewed, In Progress, Responded, Contracted, Cancelled, Closed.

10. Due: The date by which the agency would like to receive a response.


View: Takes the user to Step 1 Project Brief

Propose: Takes the user to Step 2 Proposal Grid

Attach: Takes the user to Step 3 Proposal Attachments

Share: Select another user on your account to share access to the RFP

Archive: Moves the RFP to an Archived dashboard (Note: Archiving an RFP will do so for

all company users, not just yourself)

Download: Download the RFP as an excel file and with all RFP attachments. Note: Actions can vary based on the RFP Status. Less actions will be available for RFPs in the 'New' status.