Buyer: How to Add and Manage Packages

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What are packages?

Viewing/Adding Packages to your proposal

Adding Packages Column to Templates

Reviewing packages from a map

What are Packages?

Packages refer to two or more inventory items that are sold together. Vendors have the ability to propose packages to you through DOmedia. Packages are highlighted in blue on the grid and must be purchased together. Vendors list each asset of a package on separate lines, and making an In/Out selection for one item in the package affects the entire package.

Viewing/Adding Packages to Your Proposal:

Begin by navigating to your RFP dashboard by selecting RFP then RFPs.

To ensure that the Package Name column is present on the RFP grid for vendors to utilize, it is necessary to have it included in the RFP template. Note: only individuals at your agency with access to edit RFP templates in Settings will be able to make that change.

If the Package Name column is not already present on the template, you can also add it during Step 2 of the RFP creation process. In this step, you will find the Package Name column listed under the "Available Optional Template Columns" section. To add the column, click the blue arrow (as shown in the picture below), and it will be moved to your "Template Columns" section.

*We recommend adding this column before the Inventory # column in your grid

To add packages, you can use the Fill From Spreadsheet option above the grid.

Once added, you will see the Package Name column listed in the grid which will be highlighted in blue and locked.

Packages can be identified by the blue shading in the grid. If a change of unit is needed, the vendor will need to make that adjustment to the package on their end. When the In/Out column is updated for a package (using the header row), all corresponding package rows will also be marked the same.

Adding Packages Column to Templates:

You can edit your RFP templates by going to the Settings menu and clicking RFP Templates.

On your RFP Templates dashboard, select Edit next to your desired template.

Here, you will see the Package Name column currently listed under the "Available Optional Template Columns" section. You can add this column by clicking the arrow (as pictured below). It will then be moved to your "Template Columns".

*We recommend adding this column before the Inventory # column in your grid

Make sure to click the Save button at the end!

Reviewing Packages from Maps:

You have the ability to view packages on your map, where you can view each individual unit. You also have the option to mark units as "Out" by clicking Mark Out. It's important to note that marking one unit as "Out" will automatically mark all units in the package as "Out" on both the RFP and the map.

If you Mark Out all units but need to make adjustments, You can always adjust this from the RFP grid or by clicking the Locations panel on the bottom of the map as shown below.

Select Show Marked as Out to display the pins indicating the units marked as "Out" on the map.

The units marked as "Out" will be listed under the "Marked as Out" section in the Locations tab at the bottom. From there, you can easily click on the units you want to mark as "In" to change their status.