Seller: How to Add a Package to a Proposal

Begin by navigating to your Proposals by selecting Propose then Proposals on the left-hand side menu of your DOmedia page. 

You will now be able to view all your proposals. You can click Edit under the actions column of a proposal you've already created or click Create to create a new proposal. 

When either creating a new proposal or editing a previous one, once you arrive on Step 2 - Inventory Information, click Manage Packages below the inventory grid to add pre-made packages.

From here, select the desired package from the drop-down menu, and click Add Package. Units from all packages will be highlighted in blue within your proposal grid, and the total package price will be added to the first line item in the package.

If you wish to remove units from a package, click Manage Packages below the inventory grid, and click Unpackage next to the appropriate package name. Note: You will not be able to remove single line items from a package using the 'unpackage' feature. All units will be removed from the package.