Seller: How do I update my Company Information?

To edit the information on your company's account, click Company Information under the Account menu.

The below company information can then be edited:

Company Name: This will be the name that will appear publicly in DOmedia as well as on all company contracts.

Phone: This number will appear on all contracts in DOmedia.

Logo: An image file can be uploaded, which will appear in the upper left corner of the page, in place of the DOmedia logo. This logo will also appear on all contracts sent through DOmedia.

Company Blurb: Many times, this is a brief introduction to the company and its services.

Company Address: Users will be able to enter the company address, which is required for DOmedia agencies to send a contract to any vendor, and will appear on any seller generated contracts

Once all information has been entered or updated, click 'Save Changes.'