Seller: How do I share a map?

DOmedia maps are sharable, and can be sent to clients and other team members who do not have a DOmedia login.

From the panel in the upper right, click 'Share Map' to access a URL for the map that can be shared.

Note: Viewing the map through this link/URL will limit the functionality of the map. The individuals you share the map with will not be able to further adjust the Vendors, Format, Client Lists, or Display filters.  They see what is in the current view of the map regardless of what the map settings were / what the map looked like at the time it was shared - meaning the link is dynamic and will always contain the current map, so that you do not have to go back and get a new link after each update to the map. After clicking the 'Share Map' option, you will be prompted to do one of two options. You can copy and paste the URL and open the map in a new window, or you can share the map via email.