Seller: How do I set up Sales Offices?

Sales Offices allow you to associate your employee/users to an office. Then, when that employee/user creates a contract/invoice, the system will automatically display the user's sales office. This makes it easier for your clients to know who to work with for each contract.  Please note: an employee/user can be associated with only one Sales Office at a time.  To create a Sales Office: 1. Hover over My Account 2. Click on Sales Offices 3. Create Sales Offices 

OPTION 1: If you have a few Sales Offices you can type them in.1. Click Create New Sales Office. Fill in the address and select which employee/users belong to that office.  

OPTION 2: If you have many Sales office, you can import them via CSV2a. Click Export to CSV to get the template 2b. Fill in the data into the CSV and save it to your computer 2c. Click Import from CSV

2d. You will see the data from your CSV imported. Each row in the spreadsheet is its own Sales Office.   4. The Sales offices name, logo and address are reflected on:

  • Proposals 
    • View Proposal (Proposed By displays the sales office name)
    • Proposal PDF (overview and footer on each page)
    • Please Note: The proposal must have an Account Manager/Coordinator selected for this to work. A employee/user can go to My Contact Information to set their role as Account Manger or Coordinator.
  • Contracts
    • View Contract
    • Contract PDF

View Contract

Contract PDF

Also Note:

  • If a logo doesn’t exist for a Sales Office, the system will use the one of the parent company
  • If user is not linked to a sales office, the system will use the parent company.