Seller: How do I set availability for my inventory?

To set availability for your inventory, first, hover over Plan, and then click 'Asset Status'.  If this option is not available in your Media Profiles menu, you may not have the necessary permissions. Please contact your account manager if you believe you should have access to this tool.

Next, click 'Create'.

Now, all you need to do is complete this simple form to create your asset booking.  Do so by entering Vendor Inventory # and/or Geopath ID # (if you are a Geopath seller), enter Start and End Date, select the Availability Type (descriptions of each type are listed below), and select a client if desired. You can also enter any helpful Comments about this booking (Ex. This unit is Off Market for maintenance that is scheduled on May 1.).

Contracted-Preemptable - This is the status of inventory that has been contracted at a low rate and can be relinquished if there is another buyer willing to pay more

Off Market - This is the status of inventory that is currently Off Market due to reasons such as maintenance, etc.

Perms - This is the status of inventory that is not available for a long period of time

Once you have made all of your selections, click 'Save'!