Seller: How do I navigate within the Contract Dashboard?

Here is the link to the Seller Contract Dashboard. From the Contract Dashboard, you can access, review, approve, or request revisions to Contracts. You can Navigate to your contracts by Selecting Sell then Contracts on the left-hand side menu. 

Available Actions in Contract Dashboard: View: There are many views that you can use to quickly filter the contracts in your Contract Dashboard. Each view represents a different stage of a contract's life cycle. These views are based on the various statuses that a contract can be in. This tool is helpful in filtering the list of contracts to a more manageable size.

  • All: Displays all of the contracts in the dashboard.
  • Awaiting Seller Approval: Displays contracts that have been issued by the buyer, but not yet viewed by the seller.
  • Viewed by Seller: Displays all contracts that have been viewed at least one time by a seller.
  • Revisions Requested: When a seller clicks on the 'Request Revisions' button at the top of a contract after viewing it, the contract's status becomes 'Revisions Requested', and it is added to this view.
  • Revised: Displays contracts where the buyer has issued the revisions so that the seller can now view the modified contract.
  • In Contract: Displays contracts that currently have inventory within their cycle time period.
  • Completed: Displays all contracts that contain inventory where the cycle time periods are in the past will appear in this view.
  • Draft: Displays all of the contracts that have been created, but not yet issued.
  • Issued: Displays all of the contracts that have been sent to the client.
  • Approved: Displays all of the contracts that have been approved by a buyer.
  • Revised: Displays all of the contracts that have been edited by the seller.
  • Revision Issued: Displays all of the contracts that have been sent to the client with the appropriate edits.
  • In Contract: Displays all contracts that are currently running with the client.
  • Completed: Displays all of the contracts in which their flights have run and the campaign has finished.

Entries Displayed: You have the ability to increase or decrease the number of contracts that are displayed in your Contract Dashboard by using the entries drop-down menu. You have the option to display 10, 25, 50, or 100 entries per page. Export to CSV: When this button is clicked, a spreadsheet of all of the details shown in the table for all of the contracts contained in that View is downloaded. Search: Use this tool to search within the listed contracts to locate a contract in a shorter amount of time than manually searching through the contracts. Sort: The listed contracts can be sorted ascending or descending by clicking on any of the column headers, except Action.

Contract History: See the Contract's History by clicking on the Contract #.  You will be able to see all of the actions, approvals, and revisions associated with each contract.

Under Actions Column: View: Allows the user to view the specific information contained within the contract. Approve Contract: Approves the contract and notifies the buyer/agency. Map: Gives the viewer the option to view the created map that is attached to the contract. Delete: Deletes Contract.