Seller: How do I map from an RFP?

Begin by selecting Propose and RFPs on the left-hand side menu. 

Once in your dashboard, click 'View' on the right-hand side of the table of the RFP you would like to see.

This will take you to Step 1 of Proposal creation. On the right-hand side, select "Actions", then "Map"

From there, the map will open in a tab.

Managing colors on your map:

On the Format tab, select the Change Colors option.  


For every format on the map, you can define the color you want the pin to be. You can also select Default for all maps to save your selections for future maps created.

The selected colors are shown on your local map and the Share Map. Remember to hit "Save"


On RFP Powerpoint downloads you have options for Market Maps (with or without an interactive link) and single-pane photo sheets with maps.