Seller: How do I manage my clients (Proposal Client Management)?

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What is Proposal Client Management?

Proposal Client Management is DOmedia's interface for maintaining a vendor's portfolio of clients by creating, updating, and storing client information.  This interface reduces the amount of work in regards to creating proposals by allowing sellers to select a client in order to automatically fill fields relevant to that specific client, instead of having to repeatedly enter those details. 

How do I access Proposal Client Management?

Begin by selecting Propose then Clients on the left-hand side menu. 

The Proposal Client Management interface allows you to:

You can navigate through the different functions in the Manage Clients Dashboard. View Enabled and Disabled Clients: The default view displays enabled clients. The Disabled view allows you to see clients that are no longer active in the system.  Show entries: Increase or decrease the number of clients that are displayed on one page by using the entries drop-down menu. You can choose to see 10, 25, 50, or 100 entries. Export to CSV: You can export a CSV file containing the list of clients. Create Client: Create a new client in the system. Import from RFP history: Add clients from your previous RFPs. Search: Quickly find clients by searching their names. Sort: Click on the column headers to sort them in ascending or descending order to quickly find the client you are looking for. Update: Edit an existing client's stored information Disable: Disable a client you are no longer working with to mark them as inactive in the system and to keep a record of their information. Any client that has been disabled will live in the Disabled view and can be re-enabled at any time.