Seller: How do I manage (show/hide) columns when searching my inventory

DOmedia's Inventory search is extremely robust. These means you may want to limit which columns you want to see at a given time when managing your inventory.  1. Hover over the Plan tab 2. Click Search 3. Search your inventory 4. On search results, click on Manage Columns

5. In the Manage Columns pop-up you'll see that all columns are turned on by default. You can hide a column from view by simply clicking the name of the columns. That will gray the column name out. 

6. In real-time, your columns will adjust 7. When finished click Close

You can continue adjusting columns as necessary.

Another great feature is the ability to slide the columns laterally. 

1. To use this feature, simply click the name of a column you want to move left or right. 2. Hold down your mouse. There will be a vertical line showing you where the column you clicked will go.