Seller: How do I add a package to an RFP?

Packages are a collection of two or more saved inventory items that can be included in a proposal. IF agencies are interested in packages, they will include a "Package Name" column in their template, IF there the package name column is not added by the agency you cannot add a package to the RFP. Packages can be created prior to proposal assets and also created during the proposal process. 

How to add an existing package to an RFP:

Begin by selecting Propose then RFPs on the left-hand side menu.

Once you are on the RFP dashboard you have two options to proceed to the Proposal Template. Click "view" if the RFP status is "New" and proceed through the TSF page and the project brief. For all other status click "propose" to proceed directly to the Proposal Template.

Once you are on the Proposal Template, click on the "Action" button above the grid and select packages.

Ensure that the proposal has a "Package Name" column. A box will appear, showing all the current packages and providing a drop-down menu to select new packages. Choose the desired package from the drop-down menu and click Add Package to include the selected package.

A success message will pop up, You must click Save for later, Save & Send, or Save & Continue to save your changes.

How to create a package during the proposal process:

On step 2 of the RFP, click the "Download" button above the proposal grid, select the best option that best applies to your needs and click download.

Open the spreadsheet in excel, add all your asset information and you would then add the same name to all assets you wish to include in a package in the package name column. 

Once your spreadsheet is updated save and upload using Fill from spreadsheet. Select the "Merge" option IF the assets are already present within the data grid, otherwise use "Append" or "Replace".

Feel free to update the description on the package line to better describe what the package is offering, the number of units is going to be a sum of the total units in your package. The net media rate card/cycle and net media cost/cycle are also going to reflect the sum of the units. A summary row of the created packages appears once saved. These rows do not carry over to contracts.

You can change the Net media cost/cycle on the summary row and it will be evenly divided between the assets included in the package.

How to unpackage items:

You can unpackage any existing package within the data grid by clicking on actions and selecting packages.

By clicking "unpackage" this will remove the package name from the data grid, resulting in assets being proposed individually. The "Package Name" header should then be removed from the template to complete unpacking.