Buyer: Custom Color Icons

This article will guide you through the process of color-coding your map markers based on label sets that you create. By setting marker colors according to your RFP grid, you can easily visualize data on your map using created icon label sets. This will allow you to display icon colors associated with your label sets!

Creating Your Icon Color Label Sets:

Begin by selecting "Map" and then "Icon Color Labels" on the left-hand side menu.

Click on "Create New Icon Label Set" at the top of the dashboard to start creating your custom label set. If you have existing sets, you can also view, edit, or delete them from this page.

Enter a name for your label set and write a color description for each color you want to include in the set. Click "Save Label Set" at the bottom of the page once completed.

Adding your colors to your RFP:

To apply your custom label sets to your RFP data and color-code each row, use the "Custom Colors" column. For detailed instructions on adding this column and applying colors, check out This Support Article

Displaying your colors on your map:

When mapping your RFP, Open the "Display" tab on the right-hand side and expand the "Marker Color" box. Here you will select "From RFP Grid" for your selection for breaking out colors. You can then select the Icon Label Set you have created previously.

The legend on the map will display the color definitions you've associated with your label set, making it easy to interpret your map data.