Buyer: I uploaded my contract to MBOX, but it is not appearing in the Hotlist. What happened?

Upload to MBOX sends the contract from DOmedia into MBOX's Hotlist.  The items on the Hotlist get transferred into MBOX every 15 minutes or so.  During that time, other users are able to clear or make changes to the Hotlist and could keep records from successfully being added, updated, or removed from MBOX.

Example: I added D’s in front of the columns in a contract, and then uploaded to Mbox.  However, they were cleared off the hotlist before they were processed.  What do I do now?

Unfortunately, once a billing line item with a D in the ACD column is successfully uploaded from DO to MBOX, it is removed from the contract (and our database) permanently. I would recommend finding those particular billing line items in MBOX's print buy maintenance and manually removing them.