Buyer: How to Export Proof of Performance (Pop Campaign POP Export)

 To get started, click Campaign POP Export under the Traffic menu.

Here, you will see all previously created exports where you can edit, export, archive, and the Images action to download all images submitted for the campaign organized into folders by the vendor.

You can also create a new Proof of Performance Export by clicking the button shown at the top.

EXPORT NAME: The name you give to this export option.

CAMPAIGN: Select the campaign from which you want to export the POP data.

EXPORT TYPE: Format in which you want your data to be exported.

POP: Select all proof of performance, or after a specified date.

MARKETS: Choose to view all markets, or specify certain markets. You can also choose specific units to have exported.

Please take a look below at the example PDF for additional explanations about the Content Options etc.

After saving and exporting, a file will download (in this case a PDF) that you can open and view. This is what the PDF screen will look like.

Let's take a look at some of the other options available for exporting:

Additional Options Explained:

Choosing one of the PowerPoint options for the Export Type will enable you to add or remove data points from the final export. Click one of the blue arrows in the Available Data Points side to move it to the Included Data Points. To remove a data point from the export, click the blue arrow when it's in the Included Data Points column.

There are additional content options you can add to the export. That can include a cover page, a summary page, adding a background image, and including units without POP images. 

After making your selections again, make sure to click Save. Once back to the Campaign POP Export screen, again click the Export button. The file will download, and if the same options were selected that were shown, it will look like this: