Buyer: How do I Create an RFP that Uses In-house Production Workflow and Send it for Production Review

RFP In-house Production Workflow Setting Setup: When creating an RFP, under "RFP Information" in Step 1, you will see the option labeled "Use In-house Production?"

'Yes' Option: Selecting 'Yes' will trigger DOmedia's in-house production workflow, which requires production specifications.

'No' Option: If you do not have an in-house production team, set it to 'No'. Setting to 'No requests vendors to upload production specs as usual, but other in-house production-related columns will not be required.

Forced Vendor Production Column:

When filling out your grid, it's crucial to set the "Forced Vendor Production (Y/N)" option to "N" for the lines you wish to send for production review. Note: Lines not set to "N" will not be visible to the production team in their grid.

Sending for Production Review:

After completing the RFP and ensuring all settings are correct, click "Send to Production Review" at the top of your grid. This will forward your RFP to the production team for their evaluation.

Creating a Production Staging Contract:

Once you receive your approved costs from the production team and the client signs off, you are ready to create your production staging contract. You can find more detailed instructions on creating a Production Staging Contract HERE.