Buyer: What information and actions are available when viewing a traffic campaign?

Accessing the view Traffic Campaign page

To access your Traffic Campaigns. Click on "Traffic" then "Campaigns" on the left-hand side menu.

View the Traffic Campaign

Once on your dashboard. Click "View" next to the desired campaign. The following information can be found on the View Traffic Campaign page:

General Campaign Information - The General Campaign Information section shows specific information about the respective campaign that you are viewing.

Attachments - A section also exists allowing users access to any attachments that were uploaded when the traffic campaign was created.

Associated Contracts - When viewing a traffic campaign, the next section you will see shows all of the contracts associated with the campaign.  General information about the contracts, as well as details about the related inventory, are also included.

Available Actions

From the View Traffic Campaign page, you have several actions available.

Counts: Click Counts to access the Production Counts page where you can fill in details such as Production Specification Name, Overage, Creative Due Date, and Design Name. You can also Upload a New Production Specification or Mark it as Not Applicable by selecting the desired rows and clicking the related button.  Even Export All Production Specification Files!

Request Production Specifications: Click this button to send a message to the vendor requesting the production specification files.

Add Attachments - By clicking this button you will be taken to the Campaign - Add Attachments page where you can add new attachments to the Campaign and see what attachments are already associated with the Campaign.

Create Posting Instructions: For more information on creating posting instructions, please click HERE

Reports: There are 4 different reports that can be pulled while viewing a traffic campaign: Counts Report, Delivery Report, Completion Report, and Posting Report.