Buyer: How to Approve a Contract

Approval Levels

If your company utilizes the Approval Level set, users with an Approval Level above the campaign budget on the contract submitted for approval and with access to the client will receive an email notification to review/approve the contract.

Tip: Learn more about setting up Approval Levels here.  

Approving a Contract

Once the contract has been submitted for approval, the Contract turns red on the dashboard with the status of "Awaiting Manager Approval" and an email notification is sent to users with the corresponding Approval Level. They can follow the link from the email to view the contract or visit their Contract Dashboard to view or approve.

Tip: If your company does not use Approval Levels then all users will immediately see the "Approve" button after submitting for approval.

Upon clicking "Approve" another email notification will be sent to the contract creator and the "Issue Contract" button will then appear.